The foundation of Consumerscan's services is the technology used to capture, interpret and analyze information from surveys, comments cards, order forms and almost any other physical data capture mechanism. Data capture is no longer manually completed by a team of data entry staff, where human error is inevitable. It is automated using the latest in optical scanning hardware and software.

Samples or Census?

Our new technology has been changing the way we conduct research. Instead of sampling a group of customers, many clients are opting to increase the number of the surveys in order to augment their database marketing initiatives. We now regularly conduct research projects that involve over 100,000 surveys per year.

Using our system of electronic data capture from surveys or comment cards has four major benefits:


Through constant monitoring of our results we are achieving a 99.7% accuracy rate. This is achieved by:


There are two major avenues for cost reduction from older scanning methodologies now in use, through the Consumerscan technology.


Our scanner captures responses from surveys:


Our scanner captures any number of responses from both sides of an 8½ " x 14" survey at about 3000 surveys per hour. The software then interprets the captured data and brings up any questionable results on screen for operator verification within 10 minutes of the reading stage. Reports and analysis are generated and e-mailed to the client on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis, depending upon client need.