Consumerscan is recognized as a market leader in Canada, Europe, and the USA, providing large-scale quantitative survey administration and database systems for marketers. Consumerscan specializes in assisting companies with the design, administration, and collection of self-completed customer surveys and comment cards. Clients use our services to monitor service and operational performance and to develop the profile of their market.

Designing, processing and analyzing in excess of 2 million questionnaires annually in our Canadian offices, our client list includes some of the largest and best known companies in their field: tour operators/wholesalers, banks/financial institutions, scheduled and charter airlines, hotel groups, retail chains, cruise lines, tourist authorities, ski area operators, golf courses and more.

The core of Consumerscan's services is the technology used to capture information from surveys, comment cards, order forms, etc. Data capture is no longer manually completed by a team of data entry staff - it is automated using the latest in optical scanning hardware and software.

The system consists of a high-speed document scanner coupled with a state-of-the-art software application for capturing and managing information from forms. The system will scan, interpret and verify the forms and then transfer the data in ASCII format to our host system. Reports are generated using SPSS and are tailored to the specific needs of the client.