Instant Data Capture With Onsite Scanning

On-site scanning is a radical new approach to the measurement of customer satisfaction behavior. With the introduction of our new on-site mini-scanner system you can now process your customers' responses as soon as you receive them.

Combining our recognized experience in survey design, collection and data capture with the latest hardware and software technology, we can now compile results at speeds previously thought impossible.

The Mini-Scanner System

This compact system consists of a portable miniature desktop scanner installed in your facility and linked to an existing Windows based computer.

The system scans the survey forms right in your office, and custom built software automatically generates and transmits an email message containing the form contents. All email is transmitted over a network connection to our Head Office in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Your system is linked to our state-of-the-art software application which interprets and verifies your survey forms. Individually tailored reports are then generated and distributed.

Advantages of Onsite Scanning
You get...