Qualitative research is the investigation into understanding the "why's" of consumer behavior. Analyzing the dynamic perceptions, behaviors and opinions of customers enable businesses to gain real, rich and actionable information necessary for successful decision-making. Consumerscan utilizes qualitative techniques to design customer feedback programs that capture and identify exactly what they are intended to - the hidden keys to customer satisfaction, and more importantly, the secrets to exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Consumerscan applies qualitative research in the following functions, just to name a few:

Some of the qualitative techniques and methods used by Consumerscan include:

HR Studies

Understanding your workers' actual perceptions and taking action on their constructive ideas is essential for building human resources that fit your organization's growth strategy. Consumerscan's Employee Satisfaction studies are a resource to identify areas within the organization that can be improved and gaps in human resources that require attention. Consumerscan's employee examinations serve to offer multiple benefits to your organization including fostering an environment that encourages input and participation in the change process and identifying potential customer service issues not identified by external research initiatives.

Additionally, companies can be assured that because surveys are shipped to Consumerscan and captured via electronic format, that the results are not viewed, adapted or misinterpreted by human entry. Anonymity and accuracy have built Consumerscan's reputation as a leader in Internal Research practices.